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Complete and submit the following form to request a user account.

Make sure that you first read the Terms of Service before requesting an account.

Once the account is approved, you will be emailed a notification message and the account will be usable at login.

User account

Your e-mail address will be sent a confirmation message once this request is submitted. Please respond by clicking on the confirmation link provided by the e-mail. Also, your password will be e-mailed to you when your account is created.

Please enter a valid email address, and please do not use a throw-away account. We will not spam you. We promise.

Your username should be the name of the starship you wish to roleplay as. Do not include registry numbers (these can be listed on your userpage), classes, or anything - just the prefix and name. Remember to use a valid prefix recognized in the Star Trek universe and to put the dots in the prefix (e.g., "U.S.S." for Federation starships, "I.K.S." for Klingon starships, "I.R.W." for Romulan warbirds, etc.). Names not following these rules will be rejected. A full list of prefixes in Star Trek can be found here.

Series of ''Star Trek'' you are familiar with

Check the boxes below corresponding to the Star Trek series you are familiar with. In other words, check the boxes below if you are interested in RPing in their context.

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About my roleplay

Your biography will be set as the initial content for your userpage. Make sure you are comfortable publishing such information.

Here is where you may describe yourself, both from a roleplaying perspective and a non-roleplaying perspective. This serves two purposes:

  1. To establish your character. Describe your starship, its class, registry, its color, its crew, its captain, etc. This should be from the roleplaying perspective, though note that under normal circumstances, your roleplaying biography will not impact the administrators' decision to approve your account.
  2. To establish that you have basic familiarity with Star Trek. Briefly describe your experience with Star Trek, but of course from a non-roleplaying real-life perspective. Although this isn't strictly required, admins will be more likely to approve your account if you do provide this.

Enter your biography below, considering the points above. It must be at least 10 words long. If your account is approved, it will automatically become your userpage, after which you will of course be able to edit it.

Other information

The following information is kept private and will only be used for this request. Enter anything here that you only want the administrators to see. In general, anything you provide here will help your chances of having your account approved.

Additional notes:

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