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Under Construction

The wiki and site are still under construction. We're still figuring out exactly how we're going to do things, but things we can tell you so far are below on this page. You are welcome to join the wiki and help us with this process. Join us on the Freenode IRC network in the channel ##StarTrekGames and request a user account[1] (or login if you already have one). Those who actually help out will get administrator rights!


This is a wiki for people for people to roleplay in the Star Trek universe on. Most likely, the time period of RP on the wiki will be in the same time as Star Trek Online, the year 2409 and beyond (approximately 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and 22 years after the destruction of Romulus as seen in Star Trek 2009).


We have an IRC chat channel on freenode at ##startrekgames.


  1. We require users to request an accont as opposed to creating their account themselves as an effort to prevent spam, and to also allow users to build their roleplaying biography when they request their account. Under almost all circumstances, as long as instructions are followed, your account request will be granted within a day.

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