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*''Star Trek: The Original Series'' and its related movies (I through VI)|ma:Star Trek: The Original Series|[[Category:Star Trek: The Original Series fans]]
*''Star Trek: The Next Generation'' and its related movies (VII through X)|ma: Star Trek: The Next Generation|[[Category:Star Trek: The Next Generation fans]]
*''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine''|ma:Star Trek: Deep Space Nine|[[Category: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans]]
*''Star Trek: Voyager''|ma:Star Trek: Voyager|[[Category: Star Trek: Voyager fans]]
*''Star Trek: Enterprise''|ma:Star Trek: Enterprise|[[Category:Star Trek: Enterprise fans]]
*The ''Star Trek Online'' MMO|ma:Star Trek Online|[[Category:Star Trek Online players]]
*J.J. Abrams's ''Star Trek'' reboot, starting with the 2009 film|ma:Star Trek (2009)|[[Category:Star Trek reboot fans]]